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Necessary to know- about driving in Kutaisi

Some details about driving in Kutaisi could be useful to know before starting your tour, EuAuto presented below caring about its clients.

  • It was approved even in ancient times that the agreement about side of the movement – left or right –   is reducing the accidents on the road.   In now days 72% of the world roads are right-side and 28% are left-side. Being a part of that 72%, Georgia practices the right-side driving style.
  • Recently was issued a new legislative act, liberating the necessity of the presentation driving license, because the details of your license could be checked by the online system.
  • Light signals fit out by electronic counters of time
  • Be careful during driving in observance the rules. There are systems of video observation in city roads as on highway registering the fouling.
  • The speed limit in the city, mostly 50-70 km/h.

Generally, driving in Kutaisi will be calm and pleasant experience for you.

A few words about Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the second biggest city of Georgia, situated 220 km far from the capital Tbilisi.

As a historical motherland of the ancient region of Kolkhida, Kutaisi offers to the view of tourists’ multitude of cultural heritage and the monuments of Christianity.

The ancient Greek writer Apollonius of Rhodes in his famous Argonautica told about the legendary trip of Jason and Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. He approved that the final destination of the Argonauts was exactly Kutaisi or named Aia – the kingdom of Aeete.

Between 978-1122 Kutaisi was the capital of Georgia, from the XV century and until 1810 was the capital of Imerety region. In the Soviet period it was the place with well developed industry, but after the collapse and hard period of restoration, step by step it reinstalled again as one of the most important places of the  country.

Today Kutaisi has well developed agricultural industry, famous by its vine growing, fruits and tobacco.

The Imeretian Cuisine is famous with delicious dishes. Once degusted you will never forget the taste of the imeretian khachapuri and Ekala salad, made with nuts.

Sights for the visit

There are ruins of  the Bagrati Cathedral of XI century, raised proudly and keeping the scenes of history through the ages; Majestic Gelaty  Cathedral, where buried great king of Georgia David the Builder; The Monastery of Motsameta, raised on the mountain hill with amazing colorful views of nature.

Besides of architectural monuments there are places created by the nature of Imereti, impressing caves of Sataplia and Kumistavi, also named as the cave of Prometheus. The spectacular views of stalactites and stalagmites with modern lighting systems.

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